Tertiary Education

Love of languages a researcher’s global passport

Vinyl records in the sixties were not just for listening to the latest rock band. Linguistics and languages expert...

issue 108 april 2020

Challenging ourselves

I remember my tree fort as a kid. It was bigger and more gnarly than any other in the neighbourhood. It was up a rocky bank crawling in ivy, built from the remains of an actual house. Access was via rope, steps and planks and coming...

issue 107 march 2020

Takapuna North Community News

Such a fun and busy summer

Last month was extremely busy (not to mention fun!) with Neighbours' Day events in Castor Bay and Sunnynook;...

issue 107 march 2020

Summer sums lure Auckland maths fans

School holidays doing maths classes would not normally add up, right? But that is exactly what more than 150...

issue 107 march 2020