Local Commonwealth Games bowlers switch to croquet lawns

North Harbour Bowls with Lindsay Knight

Innovation and adaptability have become the key words for the North Harbour centre’s two 2022 Commonwealth...

issue 126 december-january 2021

Grumbling again… looking forward to the summer!

I cannot believe the numpties who are running our lives. Especially the numpty who thinks he is going to put a...

issue 126 december-january 2021

New nurse call system financed

The Freemasons Foundation has generously supported the vital community project to redevelop Harbour Hospice at 7...

issue 125 november 2021

Pack & Send Takapuna – much more than Christmas deliveries

We’re approaching the end of the year and we’re in the middle of our Christmas shopping frenzy. However...

issue 125 november 2021