Performing Arts

Shakespeare's plays shine in the summer evenings

Shoreside Theatre once again set the perfect scene for performing two of Shakespeare's plays in the height of...

issue 106 february 2020

Talking Takapuna

What an amazing start to 2020 it’s been. Takapuna was – and continues to be – the place to be for...

issue 106 february 2020

A fun and glorious day

- the I love Takapuna Beach Summer Days Festival.

The Takapuna Beach Business Association certainly knows how to create the ultimate summer day by the beach. The...

issue 106 february 2020

Introducing Suzy Sampson

- Youth Theatre Tutor

Suzy Sampson is a Youth Theatre tutor at Tim Bray Theatre Company in Takapuna. We asked her about her background...

issue 106 february 2020