Hip fracture in older folks

Is there anything we can do to reduce the risk?

In 2016, some 3,750 New Zealanders suffered a hip fracture, often at the femoral neck. It’s the most common...

issue 100 july 2019

Medical care after hours

Shorecare is proud to announce that we have been selected by the Waitemata DHB to provide subsidised after-hours...

issue 94 december 2018

'Intra' medical facility opens on the Shore

Guests at the official opening of a state-of-the-art medical facility for Intra (previously Mercy Angiography) were...

issue 92 october 2018

Swift Microwave Therapy for Verrucas

Verrucas and warts on the feet have traditionally been difficult and stubborn to resolve, with remedies varying...

issue 91 september 2018