Is your Trust 2021 ready?

A chat with Tammy McLeod of Davenports Law

Tammy McLeod is a Director of Davenports Law, and has specialised in the areas of trusts, asset protection and...

issue 114 october 2020

James & Megan, Mike & Delia

James and Megan owned 50% of the shares in a bar.  The other 50% was owned by their good friends, Mike and...

issue 112 august 2020

Buying Property: Solicitor’s Approval

Claire and David were looking at buying a rental property.  They had spent numerous weekends over several...

issue 112 august 2020

How healthy is your estate planning?

Our world has recently shifted and the lockdown has highlighted the need to make sure you have your affairs in...

issue 112 august 2020