Pirates, Heritage & Vintage Fashion in Milford

Milford's Pirate Day is an annual event in the village, and this year incorporated the celebration of...

issue 105 december 2019

Takapuna Library celebrates 145 years

It is widely believed that Takapuna Library dates from 1879, when the Lake Takapuna Public Library was incorporated...

issue 104 november 2019

Military engineers and their contribution to Devonport

I recently read Peter Cooke’s book ‘War by the spade; how the Royal New Zealand Engineers built a...

issue 101 august 2019

My Shore Life: Brian Mooney

Restoring the Deep Creek Estuary is a labour of love.

Brian Mooney is originally from Canada but arrived in New Zealand on a working holiday in the mid '60s and...

issue 100 july 2019