My Shore Life: Brian Mooney

Restoring the Deep Creek Estuary is a labour of love.

Brian Mooney is originally from Canada but arrived in New Zealand on a working holiday in the mid '60s and...

issue 100 july 2019

Jim and Geoff Smale, the next generation

James Henry (Junior), or Jim, was born to William John and Aroha Smale on 8 January 1916. The Smale family say that...

issue 99 june 2019

Harry Hobin - Still going hard at 92!

I love getting calls from people on the Shore telling us about interesting people we should be highlighting in...

issue 99 june 2019

Northcote Tavern - Loving its local community!

First thing to do here is declare my absolute bias – I love relaxing at the Northcote Tavern, having a beer...

issue 99 june 2019