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Local Commonwealth Games bowlers switch to croquet lawns

North Harbour Bowls with Lindsay Knight

Innovation and adaptability have become the key words for the North Harbour centre’s two 2022 Commonwealth...

issue 126 december-january 2021

To vax or not to vax

Parental disputes about the Covid-19 vaccination

As Covid-19 continues to pose a health risk to our society, some believe that the vaccine offers a way of...

issue 125 november 2021

Exercising outdoors

Over the past 20 years life has developed in a way that brings us indoors most of the time. Many of us spend the...

issue 125 november 2021

Woodall Pump Track getting under way

The young folk of Devonport will be thrilled with the news that work on the Pump Bike Track at Woodall Park,...

issue 125 november 2021