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Dementia / Alzheimer's - Diet, Heavy Metals and HSV1

As I See It by John Appleton

Every three seconds around the world, someone is diagnosed with dementia. In Auckland alone, 10,000 people are...

issue 99 june 2019

Raising Funds for Child Cancer Foundation

Studio Pilates Takapuna opens the doors to the community on 8 June to help raise funds for the Child Cancer...

issue 99 june 2019

Improve the quality of your life in 20 minutes once a week

Are you someone who knows you should exercise, who wants to exercise, but never seem to find the time? Not to...

issue 99 june 2019

Geoff's story

It’s at claim time that you really find out whether your insurance policy works the way you wanted it to and...

issue 98 may 2019