Shop the Shore in July

FLORIENNE Winter blues getting you down? Think clear blue skies, deep blue seas and Florienne flowers!...

issue 89 july 2018

Can China keep the peace in Korea?

Dr Marc Lanteigne discusses the issues

It’s a country few people ever visit, but everyone is concerned about. North Korea’s leader Kim Jong-un...

issue 89 july 2018

Rugby Greats at North Harbour Club's Lexus Lunch

Ahead of the All Blacks v France Eden Park test on Saturday 9th June, rugby was the focus of the latest Lexus of...

issue 89 july 2018

Shop the Shore in June

FLORIENNE Cymbidium season has started and our ever popular Cymbidium bowls are back! 60A Hurstmere...

issue 88 june 2018