Beauty & Hair

Sex, Botox, Hormones and Skin Care

– Dr Cat 's new Takapuna business

When people talk about natural-looking cosmetic medicine results, one pioneering leader usually comes to mind...

issue 100 july 2019

Community spirit thrives in this hair salon

Mairangi Bay Village People

Introducing Michelle Budge, founder of The Hair Dresser, who is as passionate about hair as she is about...

issue 100 july 2019

Lovely new option for your skin

Lovely by Skin Institute has just opened the third of its flagship retail stores – and the first on the North...

issue 99 june 2019

Vive la France festivity in Milford

Berets, stripes and red, white and blue filled the streets of Milford on Saturday 23rd March, as...

issue 96 march 2019