Arts & Crafts

Covid-19 forces NZ Sculpture OnShore to go online!

Due to NZ Sculpture OnShore’s physical exhibition falling victim to Covid-19, the innovative organisers of...

issue 125 november 2021

Depot Artspace and Creative Hub, Devonport

The Depot has supported and sustained the careers of creatives for 25 years and it feels more important now...

issue 125 november 2021

Community caring - Wicklow Road Book Exchange

Over the past few difficult months there has been an outpouring of old-fashioned, feel-good community spirit which...

issue 125 november 2021

Art by the Sea

New exhibition - Rosemary Eagles: Past to Present

We are delighted to introduce a new exhibition at Art by the Sea gallery showcasing the oeuvre of Rosemary Eagles:...

issue 124 october 2021