• Toni Baker and Holly.

Toni and Holly

My Dog & Me: With Toni Baker and Holly the Chinese Crested Powderpuff

In association with our good friends at DogHQ each month we meet Shore people whose four-legged family members add a great deal of joy to their lives. Our very own dog-lover Aidan Bennett loves the task of putting this monthly feature together. He and wife Michelle have two dogs of their own. This month he talks with Toni Baker of Milford, one of the dedicated team at DogHQ about her own pooch – Holly.

AIDAN BENNETT: How long have you been at DogHQ and what to you do there?
I have been at DogHQ for five years now. I started as a volunteer, moving to part time employment while I studied and now I am employed full time as second in charge and puppy trainer.

AB: What made you choose a job looking after our four-legged friends?
I always knew I wanted to work with dogs, so I started with volunteering to see if it was something I would enjoy and sure enough I’m still here!

AB: What is the most rewarding part of the job?
Seeing dogs become more confident and enjoy their time in our care.

AB: You have a dog of your own, tell us about Holly.
Yes, I have Holly, an eight-year-old Chinese crested powderpuff.

AB: What made you decide to get a Chinese crested powderpuff?
It was actually my mum who adopted Holly through friends for me when I was younger.

AB: Do you have any other pets?
Yes a cat. Her name is Shadow.

AB: What do you love about Holly?
How loyal she is and how much fun I have when I’m with her.

AB: Does Holly have any bad habits?
Rolling in anything disgusting. I have to watch her closely everywhere when we are out and about.

AB: What are your favourite things to do with Holly?
Walks in the forest and training with her.

AB: Any words of wisdom for other dog owners or prospective dog owners?
Make sure, if you are thinking of getting a dog, that you consider the long term commitment and needs. Every dog has different needs; make sure you can give them that in order to give them an enriching and happy life.