Outdoor Living Q & A: Mark Berryman

Mark Berryman is the founder and director of Selah Homes. A builder by trade, he has been recognised for his work with 'Habitat for Humanity', a worldwide charity which builds homes in less fortunate communities from the Pacific Islands to Bangladesh.

Which suburb is home and what are its best outdoor spots?

Currently Riverhead, where we build houses. It is well-known for mountain biking in the forest and there is great wakeboarding up the river.

How do you plan to enjoy the outdoors this summer?

We'll be boating, sailing, kite boarding - anything that is on the ocean really, whether there is five knots of wind or 50 knots.

What is an outdoor activity you’re keen to try and why? 

I just got into kite boarding a year ago and am so addicted; jumping eight metres into the air while some of the pro’s are going 20m+. It's an exhilarating sport!

Are you a camping or a glamping sort of person? 

DOC camps all the way. I was brought up going to DOC camps in the Coromandel with long drops and just a running water tap. I love to escape from all the technology and hustle of life to wind down and relax.

Tell us who you’d most like to go on an outdoor adventure with and why?

Well, either my wife and bubs - boating is usually fairly extreme when you have a one year old. Although we did a week's sailing around the Greek Islands this year, when he was six months and wasn’t moving much, and that was fine. Otherwise going down to Otago and deer hunting with my old mates from Dunedin.

What would you recommend visitors to the Shore do to make the most of outdoor living this summer?

Visit Takapuna and the beaches. Oh, how I love everything about Takapuna! That’s where I work and play.

Issue 94 December 2018