• Julia Craig.

Outdoor Living Q & A: Julia Craig

Julia Craig works at The Source in Milford and is a lover of good food and nature adventures. She’s a certified Nutrition and Wellness Coach at Julia Frances Wellness and also runs cooking workshops from her home.

Which suburb is home and what are its best outdoor spots?

Milford is home. I live a short walk to the beach and I think that’s the best spot, it’s beautiful down there! I love walking or running early in the morning around the marina and over the footbridge towards the beach, to see the sun popping up from behind Rangitoto Island.

How do you plan to enjoy the outdoors this summer?

On my stand up paddleboard! It’s my favourite thing to do for some me time and mindful exercise.

What is an outdoor activity you’re keen to try and why? 

I’ve recently started playing tennis! It’s such a fun activity to play socially whilst enjoying the sunshine and being active. I took a few lessons to get the basics and now I’m ready and excited for regular midweek hits with friends.

Are you a camping or a glamping sort of person? 

I like to think I’m a camping person, with the essential comforts. I especially love camping by the beach or in the bush, with my tent and an airbed with sheets, a duvet and pillows.

Tell us who you’d most like to go on an outdoor adventure with and why?

My boyfriend Jalam is an asset to any outdoor adventure. He always knows what the weather is doing and comes prepared with the essentials. He’s also very aware of his surroundings and always spots incredible wildlife; he once spotted a penguin at Milford beach!

What would you recommend visitors to the Shore do to make the most of outdoor living this summer?

Get outside and go for a nature walk every day if you can. I like to take my visitors on the Milford to Takapuna walk, along the waterfront. Usually followed by a Smoothie Bowl for lunch in Takapuna before heading back. Just make sure it’s not high tide!

Issue 94 December 2018