• Sheryl Ham and Imogen.
  • Sheryl Ham and Imogen.

Imogen and me

In association with our good friends at DogHQ each month we meet Shore people whose four-legged family members add a great deal of joy to their lives. Our very own dog-lover Aidan Bennett loves the task of putting this monthly feature together. He and wife Michelle have two dogs of their own. This month we feature Sheryl Ham and her one-year-old pug dog Imogen.

AIDAN BENNETT: How long has Imogen been part of your life? 
SHERYL HAM: Imogen and I have been together for just one year.

AB: What made you decide to get this breed?

SH:I chose Imogen for the pug traits of being affectionate, loyal and a little crazy, and for the Tibetan spaniel traits of being smart and a good alarm dog. But really it was her little face that won me over. 

AB: Has she been doing much chewing or anything else destructive? 

SH: Imogen generally takes her destructive tendencies out on her own toys – so long as she has bones to chew and a variety of soft toys to ‘kill, she doesn't try to wreck the house. 

AB: Do you have any other pets? 

SH: No, it's just the two of us. 

AB: What do you love about Imogen? 

SH: Everything! She is a funny, sweet and stubborn little dog – a big personality in a small package.  

AB: What has been the most challenging part of training a new puppy? 

SH: House training was probably the biggest challenge, involving a lot of structure and patience, but she is really good now. She will only do tricks for treats, so that's still a work in progress! 

AB: What are her favourite things to do? 

SH: Apart from sleeping, eating and zoomies (racing round and round the house at top speed), she loves playing with her nieces and nephews, going for walks and snuggling. 

AB: How long has she been going to DogHQ and does she love it? 

SH: Imogen has been at DogHQ for nearly a year and she absolutely loves it – she comes home exhausted after a long day of playing with her friends, sleeping and cuddles with all the staff. 

AB: Does she love the beach and swimming? 

SH: She isn't much into water sports but we love going for walks on the beach and meeting new dogs and their people. 

AB: Imogen is obviously pretty new in your life. Any words of wisdom for other dog owners or prospective dog owners? 

SH: I think it's really important to make sure your dog is socialised early on, so you have a confident pet who knows how to act around people and other dogs. For prospective owners, if you have the space, time and love in your life for a dog, just do it – you won't regret it! 

Issue 103 October 2019