Johnny & Bonnie

MY DOG & ME: Johnny Shaw and his much loved adopted rescue dog Bonnie

In association with our good friends at DogHQ each month we meet Shore people whose four-legged family members add a great deal of joy to their lives. Our very own dog-lover Aidan Bennett loves the task of putting this monthly feature together. He and wife Michelle have two dogs of their own. This month we feature Johnny Shaw and his adopted rescue dog Bonnie.

AIDAN BENNETT: How long has Bonnie been part of your life? 
It feels like forever, in an amazing way, but in reality we adopted her five months ago.

AB: What made you decide to adopt Bonnie? 
We’d always had the idea of getting a dog, but never really thought what breed or sort. We’ve also adopted two cats, so it just made sense to adopt a dog too. We searched out the Saving Hope Foundation on the back of a recommendation, and what an amazing charity they are. Such amazing people and well cared for little pups.

AB: Is she your first dog, if not tell us about your other dogs?
I guess the first we’ve ever owned personally. We both grew up with dogs, but this is our first time being proper adults!

AB: Do you have any other pets?
Yes, two cats, Betty and Bella. Both rescues (there’s a pattern forming here), and they’re slowly becoming friends with Bonnie.

AB: What do you love about Bonnie?
In short, she’s bonkers. How she has the energy she has is beyond me, but she’s super funny, crazy and lovable.

AB: Does she have any bad habits?
She’s got a love for chewing things, which we’re not so keen on, but we’ll get over it.

AB: What are her favourite things to do?
Chew things, sadly!

AB: How long has she been going to DogHQ and does she love it?
Since November, so only a short amount of time, but she’s a little obsessed with DogHQ – we secretly think she has a boyfriend. Good for her!

AB: Does she love the beach and swimming?
Oh my word – she’s obsessed. We go to the beach every day and aside from DogHQ, I’d say it’s the highlight of her day (and seeing us too).

AB: Any words of wisdom for other dog owners or prospective dog owners?
Adopt – it’ll change your life and theirs.