• Sally Dewar.

Arts & Heritage Q&A: Sally Dewar

Sally Dewar moved to New Zealand from the UK in 2000 with her Kiwi husband. They live in Stanley Bay and with their son and daughter now both away at university, are embarking on life as empty nesters.  Sally is chair of the Board of NZ Sculpture OnShore, which takes place next month at Fort Takapuna in Narrow Neck. We asked her about her art and heritage loves…

Channel Magazine: Which work of art has had the most powerful effect on you and why? 

Sally Dewar: ‘Zealandia’ by Gill Gatfield, created for the 2018 Venice Architecture Biennale.  This stunning and beautiful work comprises large scale, twin, interlocking panels carved from a single piece of rare deeply veined New Zealand stone. In daylight, the hourglass X-figure is replicated on the ground, casting an encircling shadow that tracks the passage of time. It really appeals to me because it talks to qualities of fragility but also strength and resilience.

CM: Tell us which creative pursuits you are involved in, or any you would like to try?

SD: Aside from poring over other people’s creative design concepts for NZ Sculpture Onshore, planting in my garden is as creative as I get!

CM: What is your favourite Shore heritage building and why?

SD: Fort Takapuna Historic Underground Fort. It is part of a unique historic complex with a rich military history. We are very privileged to have the use of this building to stage the NZ Sculpture OnShore schools exhibition and provide access to the public.   

CM: Which arts event/s do you most enjoy on the Shore?

SD: NZ Sculpture OnShore of course! But also the fabulous Devonport Glow@Artweek event coming up in October.  

CM: If the Shore could have a new public piece of art, what and where would it be?

SD: It would be a large scale, moving, tactile, interactive sculpture work with visual and auditory appeal located in the new Takapuna Central Square. Something for everyone to enjoy!