Shore People

Nature lover Karin is passionate about Greenhithe

My Shore Life

We are lucky the North Shore has many special and unique communities and where we choose to live often reflects...

issue 90 august 2018

Chris and Teddy the Corgi

MY DOG & ME: Chris Baker & Teddy the Corgi

In association with our good friends at DogHQ each month we meet Shore people whose four-legged family members...

issue 89 july 2018

Judha's twist on a classic Sunday family meal

My Favourite Recipe: Judha McDonald, Head Chef at Jam Cafe

Judha McDonald will be well known to many as the Head Chef at Jam Cafe – an institution in Takapuna....

issue 89 july 2018

Beach Volleyball Big Hitters

I Love My Sport: Holly Isherwood and Domi Menoita

Beach volleyball continues to grow in popularity as a competitive sport and two Shore schoolgirls are among the...

issue 89 july 2018