• Geoff Andrews, Prachi Mittal, Debbie Humphries, Steve McLuckie, Yvonne Powley, Helen Woodhouse, Jeythantha Jeyaseelan.
  • Debbie Rowberry, Kerri Sheehan.
  • Victoria Stewart, Grace Sherer.
  • Mike Tuala, George Kingi.
  • Laura Goodyear, Mahalia Rolston.
  • Lesley Morrissey, Gil Stokes.
  • Sara Mead, Becky Little.
  • Gilly Stuart, Melina Silver, Jill Patterson.
  • Joseph McCallum.
  • Terence Harpur, Heather Vermeer.
  • Gwendoline Cooney, Elizabeth Cameron.
  • Debbie Humphries, Prachi Mittal.

Community Wishing Tree in Takapuna

The grand oak tree outside the Mary Thomas Centre in Takapuna was recently the focus of a community networking event. In a concept founded on the children's story The Wishing Tree, representatives from community organisations, schools and services came together to make their own wish for the community, while also networking and showcasing their work. Local bagpipe player Joseph McCallum heralded the opening of the event, which was organised by Auckland North Community and Development and included information stalls, food & coffee trucks and performance art.