• Graham Darlow, Mike Stanley, Sir John Hood, David Ferguson.
  • Meredith and Paul Mahan, Mark and Erin Davies.
  • Jacinta and Aaron Gascoigne, David Ferguson
  • Kerry Titchener, William Price, Bronwyn Titchener, Dale and Tracey Robson.
  • Linda and Adrian Pickstock, Andrew Charlesworth, Dave Hine.
  • Brett Hollister, Travis and Jenny Barker.
  • Colin Abercrombie, Mike Stanley, Richard Stevens.
  • Peter and Joy Burn, Lynette and Robin Reid.

Westlake Boys' inaugural Headmaster's Club gathers

The Westlake Boys Community Foundation Board hosted a select group at the inaugural gathering of the ‘Headmaster's Club’ at the B:HIVE, Smales Farm on Friday 1st March. Wonderful platters and canapés were provided by Ripe Deli as school parents and alumni mingled before hearing from two esteemed past pupils.

The Foundation’s primary objective is to futureproof Westlake’s academic, cultural, spiritual, social and physical wellbeing with this group helping the Headmaster and the Foundation achieve the goals of the school. Sir John Hood, ex-pupil and patron of Westlake's Hood House gave a wide ranging speech including talking about his experiences in the UK and the important part philanthropy can play in schools and tertiary institutions. Olympic rower Mike Stanley then reflected on his time at the school and the important role Westlake Boys plays in the North Shore Community.

Issue 97 April 2019