• Jack Nolan, Nettie and Scott Wallace, Sir Roger Hall.
  • Renee Beardsall, Laurel Urban, Lauren Edington, Abbe Cherry.
  • Gaynor Nisbet, David and Linda Wilson.
  • Hillcrest Lions: KJ Jones, Leanne Treadwell, Rosemary Eltringham, Varian Creamer, Linda Forbes, Kiris Morrish.
  • Georgina, Michelle and Steve Hart.
  • Angela Antony and Lynette Jolicoeur.

The PumpHouse is back with live theatre

Tadpole Productions returned to The PumpHouse on Sunday 9th August for a very special 'one show only' read-through performance of Sir Roger Hall's play 'Spreading Out'. Following our recent Covid-19 lockdown at home, the script about family dynamics is apt for these times. An enthusiastic audience gathered to celebrate the return of Tadpole and quality theatre. A Q&A with Sir Roger, director Janice Finn and cast (which included mother and daughter duo Louise and Ashley Wallace) followed the read-through.

Issue 113 September 2020