• Keat and Georgina Cervin, Esme Bullock.
  • Corban, Revell, Cullan and Veronica Greenfields.
  • Sophia, Adam, Gina and Claudia Bartlett.
  • Sebastian and Amelia Peacocke, Murray Young, Isabel Peacocke.
  • Tatiana, Alice, Brent and Anna Strudwick.
  • Marshall Smith, Tim Bray, Murilo Pontes, Gail Rotherham.
  • Quin, Emma and Arlo Brooker, Mike Ryan

The Great White Man-Eating Shark...

The audience at The PumpHouse gala opening of Tim Bray Productions’ latest school holiday show was treated to exuberant performances by four multi-talented actors. Between them, they took on roles that covered the gamut of Margaret Mahy’s imaginary world: boys, shark, sly witches, misbehaving (and well-behaved) shadows, a wonderfully pompous father and a cheery hippopotamus (among others) in ‘The Great White Eating Shark and other stories’. The ‘other stories’ were The Boy who was Followed Home and The Boy with Two Shadows, and all three adaptations captured the humour of Margaret Mahy’s originals – and tickled the funny bones of young and old in the audience, auguring well for a successful season throughout July.