• Taylor James, Claudia Williams, Nicky Partridge, Gina Todd.
  • The Panel.
  • Grae Burton, Scott Donavan, David Todd.
  • Andy Ruzich, Brad Prince, Joe Geo.
  • Diane Sussex, Kate Evans, Ian Sussex.
  • Robert Clark, Peter Rope.
  • Eric Ouyang, Cam Lewis, Warren Fernandes, Terry Ottow.
  • George Wood, Max Whitehead, Kevin Miller, Paul Yen.
  • Terence Harpur, Franca Logan, Andrew Hill.
  • Jason and Mel Lewthwaite, Steve Wallace.

TBBA Networking Night at The Elephant Wrestler

The Elephant Wrestler was the venue for the monthly networking night for Takapuna Beach business people held on Wednesday April 28th. The feature of the evening was local business owners and operators forming a panel to discuss the Takapuna Retail and Hospitality industries over the past 12 months. The panelists were Nicky Partridge of Street Organics, Scott Donovan of Life For Men and Franca Logan of Florienne. Leading the panel discussion was Steve Shute, owner of The Elephant Wrestler. Another great Takapuna Beach Business Association event! The event was sponsored by Crombie Lockwood.