• David Giles, Anna Stunnell, Toni Sills, Charlotte Morrison.
  • Kelly Meikle, Sam Wallace, Kath Allen.
  • Hailey Shutkowski, Melissa Bailie, Deana Colebrook.
  • Byron Waring, Sonia Mariano-Waring, Justin Telfer, Kelsey Telfer.
  • Khadijah Williams, Diane Sharp, Ross Langford, Helen Langford.
  • Snow Velvin, Marte Lommers, George Holton.
  • Aimee Centre, Tom Miller, Jennifer McKenzie.
  • Murray Lockwood, Annette Kann, Jonathan Walker, Elena Heinrihsone.

First Ever Takapuna Wine, Food & Music Festival

The inaugural Takapuna Food, Wine & Music Festival took place at Smales Farm on Saturday 10 February. The crowd arrived armed with ponchos, raincoats and umbrellas, and enjoyed a great afternoon of food, wine and music, despite the weather being some of the worst  this summer to hit the Shore. With ample marquees providing respite from the weather, crowds bounced along to classic hits from The Jordan Luck Band, and sublime sounds from Sneaky Sound System, Sola Rosa, DJ Karn Hall, and more. The "food & wine", component featured craft breweries, wines from some of the best local vineyards and food from popular eateries and food trucks. The untimely rain failed to dampen festival goers' spirits!