• Laura Rayner, Devon Nicholls, Jason Smith.
  • Arabella and Tiffany-Jane Clark, Joan Gilbert.
  • Piaras Kelly and Alan J. Thomson.
  • Byron Sansom, Anna Rodriguez-Sansom, Stacy Rodriguez, Julie Roulston.
  • Brent, Kate, Emma, Jean and Cowen Olsen.
  • Nadia, Rutendo and Pauline Maburutse.
  • Ushers Liz Cannon and James Carrick.

Shakespeare's plays shine in the summer evenings

Shoreside Theatre once again set the perfect scene for performing two of Shakespeare's plays in the height of summer. The PumpHouse Outdoor Ampitheatre beside Lake Pupuke makes a pretty setting, especially in soft evening light, with 'Macbeth' and 'As You Like It' playing on alternate nights until 15th February. Now in its 24th season, Shoreside's season of Auckland Shakespeare in the Park blends professional and community actors, production crew, enthusiasts and supporters to give the audience as authentic an experience as possible. Audience members bring along cushions and picnics while a bar set up by French Rendez-vous Café provides beverages.

Issue 106 February 2020