• Jacob Wu, Claire and Manon Raoult.
  • Harry, Johnny and Mathilda Gritt.
  • Mandy and Richard Downes.
  • Val Boyes, Hilary Monteith, Noni Kenny, and Egon Eberle.
  • Joseph Gibson, Jessica and Scott Lunny.

Shakesespeare in Killarney Park

Audience members, armed with cushions, arrived on a brilliantly fine evening for the second performance of Auckland Shakespeare in the Park’s The Comedy of Errors at The PumpHouse Amphitheatre. The Comedy of Errors is one of Shakespeare’s madcap comedies, a farcical foil to the tragedy of this year’s companion play, Romeo and Juliet. This 22nd season of Auckland Shakespeare in the Park has alternating performances of the two plays throughout the season, which ends on 17 February. The plays are both presented by Shoreside Theatre, a company of professional and community actors, production crew and supporters, dedicated to presenting traditional Shakespeare.