• Phil Brosnan, Heather Vermeer, Phil Goff.
  • Claire Amos, Alexia Hilbertidou, Prime Minister the Rt Hon Jacinda Ardern, Toni van Tonder, Heather Vermeer.
  • David and Ann Old, Judy and Keith Robinson.
  • James Iversen, Hilary Barry, Chris Darby.
  • Liz Algie, Louise Galbraith, Jenny Sturm, Wendy Stedman.
  • Bob Leveloff, Joe Bergin, Richard Hills, Claire Amos.
  • Alan Collie, John Algie, Don Galbraith, Hugh Stedman.
  • Julie Chapman, Sarah Alexander, Anthony McNaughten.
  • Dr Frances Pitsillis, Hendy Steven, Marta and Dr Hisham Abdalla.

Prime Minister at North Harbour Club Lunch

The first Lexus of North Shore sponsored North Harbour Club lunch of the year sold out in record time. The key attraction was no doubt Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern as keynote speaker, who told the crowd at QBE stadium why she had entered politics, and briefly outlined some key government policies. With the event emceed by television personality and North Shore resident Hilary Barry, who was in fine form as a relaxed and accomplished host, and guest speaker and 2016 AIMES award winner Alexia Hilbertidou facing up to Hilary in a Q&A about her achievements, the lunch, aside from raising funds for the annual AIMES Awards, was also a strong statement of 21st century “girl” power.