• Luke Thornborough, Molly Timmins, Dylan Underwood.
  • Gordon Rushton, Laura and Susan Wallace.
  • Elizabeth Roberts, Murray Young, Sebastian Peacocke.
  • Eleanor, John and Oliver Leach.
  • Alana Hawkes, Steve Marshall, Tim Bray.
  • Tinea, Erika, Maia and Tamas Andrell
  • Grace, Pip and Quinn O'Malley.

Piratical shenanigans at The PumpHouse

During April, Tim Bray Theatre Company presents a new production of Margaret Mahy’s story 'The Man Whose Mother Was a Pirate'. An eager crew of piratical (and other) characters turned up with parents and grandparents for the gala opening, and those dressed up took their bow on stage before the show began. The rollicking theatrical adventure centred on Sam, who agrees to take his exuberant pirate mother to see the sea. In the process, Sam meets a yogi and her acolyte, a farmer and his cow, dances with wheelbarrows – and sheds a lifetime of inhibitions, much to the amusement of the audience.