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  • Daniel, Indiana, Kathryn and Vegas Hart.
  • .Jo, Elijah, Tremain, Karl and Sophie Laird.
  • Isabel & Sebastian Peacocke, Danielle Seagar, Anna Nikitina.
  • Angela, Natalie and Amy Maisey.
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  • James Bell, Aria Harrison-Sparke, Amy Taylor.
  • Meredith and Elsie Van Beekhuizen, Bria and Olive Wakelin.

Pippi Longstocking returns to The PumpHouse

It was full house at The PumpHouse for the gala opening of Tim Bray Productions’ Pippi Longstocking. The performance, directed by Tim Bray, was a reprise of the 2007 original production, which toured Auckland after a successful PumpHouse season. Tineke Ann Robson, who played Pippi in 2013 when Auckland audiences were again entertained by the production, and whose considerable gymnastic ability was on display now as then, returned from London especially to take part in this production. It’s clear that Pippi has lost none of her appeal, judging by the audience response (and the number of young Pippis in the audience) in 2018.