• Hamish Maude, Becky West, Hayden Smith, Brendan Vercoe, Max Andrews.
  • Charles Bradley, Matthew Brock, Daryl and Paige Devereux, Ben Saunders.
  • Blake Noble.
  • Kim Jensen, Rod Brown, Vanessa Graham, Josh Soo.
  • William Pike, Darrel Kinghan, Nick Chan, Rheuben Burke.
  • Les Probert, Danielle Ellis, Rowan Alexander.
  • Phil Brosnan, David Smale, Anna Smale.
  • Ken and Sue Noble, Noah Ghebremichael.
  • Gary Monk, Blake Noble, Scott Wilson.
  • Aidan Bennett, Ricky Faesen Kloet, Jeff and Jaye McGregor.

North Harbour Club launches NeXt for young leaders at the B:Hive

The B:Hive at Smales Farm provided the ideal venue to launch the North Harbour Club and Charitable Trusts new initiative called NeXt. The North Harbour Club has been around for 24 years and its membership and annual programme has never been stronger. But the progressive leaders are looking to the future with the introduction of North Harbour Club NeXt. This initiative is aimed at encouraging young leaders of the region aged between 25 and 40 to get involved. The event was MC'd by North Harbour Club trustee Sue Kohn-Taylor. One of the club's life members Gary Monk gave a passionate address to the crowd about his journey with the club and what it has meant to him over more than two decades. Current North Harbour Club president Phil Brosnan then welcomed the younger sector and invited them to consider joining. The explanation of the initiative was left to young business person Blake Noble, who is leading the initiative to ensure success. For further information Channel readers can visit www.northharbourclub.co.nz or email Catherine Lamb, catherine@northharbourclub.co.nz

Issue 100 July 2019