• Megan Ericson, Rosie Poole, Hariff Lawal.
  • Susanne Cooke, Bryan and Julie McCloughen, Genna Clements.
  • John Thatcher, Rob Meister, Megan Ericson, Kate Evans.
  • Alan Reekie, Bruce Farrell, Sue Joe.
  • Chatur Moradiya, Murray Lockwood, Lorena Marshall.
  • Terence Harpur, Grae Burton.
  • Steve Wallace, Heather Vermeer, Emma Wright.
  • Mikael Negri, Stewart Kearney, Mike Doughty.

TBBA Networking at The Elephant Wrestler

The latest TBBA networking evening was sponsored by insurance broker Crombie Lockwood and hosted at the newly refurbished Elephant Wrestler. A near-record crowd (keen to hear the latest from the insurance industry, or perhaps attracted by a promised beer tasting?) also heard an update on projects to upgrade Hurstmere Road, and to develop a carpark on the old gasometer site ahead of a town centre development at 40 Anzac Street. Tastings from The Elephant Wrestler’s revamped menu and of two Tuatara craft beers complemented the informational and networking elements of the evening and added to the conviviality.