• Eric and Saskia Charteris, Marion Breinhorst, Shiraz Smith.
  • Jamie Pickernell, Lynette Jolicoer.
  • Angela Antony, Saskia Charteris, Fay Freeman.
  • Jan O'Connor, Natanahira Te Pona, Fiona Downes.
  • Jan O'Connor, Lyn Potter, Ruth Jackson.
  • Jamie Pickernell, Fay Freeman.

Lake House Arts bunny sculpture returns

Wednesday 8th February marked the unveiling of the new “Carrot and the Stick” sculpture (known to locals as the Bunny MkII).

The original sculpture by Jamie Pickernell was carved from macrocarpa and completed in 2007.  In 2019 it was discovered that the wood the sculpture was carved from was infected with a fungus and was badly rotted in places. Staff at Lake House Arts applied termite protector and mildly restored affected areas with a repaint but sadly the rabbit fell victim to vandals shortly afterwards.  Jamie, the original artist, agreed to create a new bunny from steel strong enough to stand the test of time and now sits, as good as ever, in its original position alongside the original macrocarpa carrot. 

Issue 107 March 2020