• Sri Lanka Team: Levi Harvey, Divesh Kamaleswaran, Jack Cockayne.
  • Coaches: Olly Chambers & Ruby Worrall
  • Team England: Lochie Smythe, Guy and Tristan Williams, Gray Engstrom, Jacob O'Howell, Kate Barker, Pippa Priddy, Henry Flaszynskir, Theo Robinson, Toby Melhursh and Hanna Browning.
  • Team Australia: Liam Kristiffor, Will Westgate, Luka Hart, Will Taylor, Jayden Scheepers-Venter, Samual Bird, Tomas Gustafson & Ruben Newton
  • Team New Zealand: Krish Ranchhod, Domonic Harrison, Shreyash Shishir & Harrison Mitchell.
  • Team South Africa: Vivaan Hira, Reuben Cutler, Michael Harrison, Thomas Mosely, Riaha Jeory-Reynolds, Marco Parker, Jemmima Biss. Ruby Worrall (Coach). Bottom - Riley Watson, Tyler Tretheway and Ben Mooby

Junior World Cricket Series

North Shore Cricket Club held its 27th annual Junior World Series from 20th to 22nd January at Devonport Domain and Belmont Intermediate. 156 primary and intermediate aged children from all over the North Shore and from over the bridge competed in three different grades. North Shore cricket specialists Cricket Express provided prizes for runners-up and winners, as well as individual prizes for best batter, best bowler and MVP in each grade. Fullers 360 provided sponsorship for the tournament; they also donated vouchers for trips to Waiheke and Rangitoto islands. Mixed teams representing Australia, South Africa, Sri Lanka, India, England and New Zealand then battled it out for three days culminating in grand finals in each grade.

Issue 106 February 2020