• Holly Moss book signing.
  • June Dixon, Katherine Taylor and Jenny McCulloch.
  • Cathleen Coombe, James Jordan and Marion O'Sullivan.
  • Holly Moss, Peter Ryder and Brenda Knight.
  • Holly Moss and James Jordan.
  • Holly Moss with her Dad and Mum Dennis & Janet Goodes.
  • Mary Boyd, Myllys Hartley and Sally Edelman.
  • Bev Cornish, Angela Farrell and Jeanette Maddox.

Holly Moss's book launch at Northbridge

The launch of Holly Moss's book, Chair Yoga and Nutrition for Seniors, at Northbridge on 3rd May was a special occasion for residents at Northbridge retirement village. Holly, a holistic nutritionist and yoga teacher who works with the residents at Northbridge, was unable to visit the village during lockdowns, but maintained training with her class members over the phone. This led to her creating on her book. The launch was limited to Holly’s Northbridge class members but Holly has copies available for sale, and is working on a website for online sales. While that’s being developed, she invites people to contact her on hollyrachelmoss4@gmail.com. In the meantime, Northbridgers are happy they have been able to resume in-person classes, and were equally happy to celebrate the book launch with Holly.