• Paris Kirby, Isabella Young & Jenny Cutting.
  • Julian Grieve, Sky Summer-Hayes, Sue Young, Sonny Bevin, Matt Young & Irene Grieve.
  • Kath Downie, William Than & Min Chang.
  • Sue Young, Diane Nga Mout, Lisa Bate & Ronnie Hailstone.
  • Paris Kirby, Nicholas Monks, Hamish Lindop & Ronnie Hailstone.
  • Corina Melkie, Jenny Cutting & Robert Puren

Glenfield Library Mural Unveiling

Local Glenfield artist Isabella Young – in her final year of a Bachelor of Fine Arts at Whitecliffe College of Arts and Design – has unveiled her new work 'The sky is the limit' at Glenfield Library on 16th October. Described as an atmospheric mural, the artwork is a large-scale skyscape painted with various blue tones and shades, then layered with iridescent silver text on top. The project is a result of a community-led place-making initiative by Catalyse, supported by the Kaipatiki Local Board and Auckland Council. “The work celebrates our shared love of nature in Kaipātiki and provides a view for people within the library to dream, think and be inspired,” the local board says. Isabella’s practice centres around materialising environmental phenomena through non-traditional approaches to landscape painting, and uses a range of colour, medias and techniques to create her works celebrating the peace and wonder of the natural world.

Issue 104 November 2019