• John Harvey, Chris Kennings, Sharman Ring, Sue Harvey, Pennie Kennings, Chris Ring, Graham Drury and Gloria Drury.
  • Mike Atkinson, Matt Hinton, Ben Skelton, Josh Soo, Kelvin Sam.
  • Kevin and Barb McLean, Prudence Foster, Winston Kidd.
  • Kerry McLeod, Jeremy Parsons, Mike Atkinson, Megan Parsons, Tammy McLeod, Mike Cruickshank.
  • Eric Fasenkloet, Aidan and Michelle Bennett.
  • Glenn Ashwell, Dee Defina, Cate Ashwell and Charlotte Orr.
  • Hugh Stedman, John Berry.
  • Christine McClintock, Alyssa Dunlop, Robert Clark and Julia Tillett.
  • Michael Raynes, Anna Paterson, Michelle Dale and James Paterson.
  • Phil Brosnan and Matthew Bellingham.
  • Devon Fisher and Aden Fisher.
  • Maggie Barry and Peter Williams.
  • Wintson Kidd, Shelley and Joel Tetro.

Four new laureates for local Business Hall of Fame

Four new laureates were inducted into the North Harbour Business Hall of Fame at a black tie dinner held at The Wharf, Northcote Point, on Thursday May 2nd. The new 2019 laureates were Carmel Fisher, Greg Smale, Sue and Guy Haddleton. The North Harbour Business Hall of Fame, administered by the North Harbour Club and Charitable Trust, celebrates the massive achievements these people have made in business as well as their contributions to the community. A feature on the inductees and the event is included in this issue. The evening was MC’d by veteran broadcaster Peter Williams and featured performances by local North Shore entertainer and North Harbour Club AIMES Music Award recipient Will Martin. The North Harbour Business Hall of Fame is sponsored by Milford Asset Management.