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Fisher Funds' lively roadshow opening

Fisher Funds kicked off its annual nationwide roadshow in its home in Takapuna on Monday November 4th. The house was packed at B:HIVE in Smales Farm as North Shore locals heard about how to build wealth for retirement and how to make that money work harder for them.

Guests were welcomed by experienced financial expert and CEO Bruce McLachlan who took over from Fisher Funds’ founder Carmel Fisher in 2017. Chief investment officer Frank Jasper then hosted a panel of the company’s analysts and senior portfolio managers for a fireside chat about how to build the right strategy for investing in today’s low-interest environment. The team talked about what is making it harder to save towards retirement and how to meet the challenge of low rates. 

The panel discussed taking a long-term approach to investing and how Fisher Funds’ active management method to beating the market is now more important than ever.

Issue 105 December 2019