• Carmel Dowling, Clinton and Lisa Beuvink.
  • Tim Wightman, Georgina Stone, Aaron Condier, Michael Nicholls, Lisa Capel.
  • Spencer Sandridge, Clinton Fretwell, Nicholas Harris, Ronald Gardebroek.
  • Rachelle Slater, Erin Marmont, Sarah Greenway.
  • Stephen James, Chris Fawkner, Charmaine Smith.
  • Christine Pry, Marjorie and Des Barnett. Terry Pry.
  • Todd Sampson, Phil Hayward, Craig Nicholson, Sharon Killen.
  • Sophie Russel, Ella Bason, Therese Russel.
  • Taryn Cooper, Sam and Jane Allan, Matt Grantham.

Finery launches fancy cocktails at Regatta

A warm summer's evening was the perfect time for Finery to launch its new beverage at Regatta Bar & Eatery in early December. The soft light filtered though the windows, highlighting the pastel shades of this sophisticated ready-to-drink vodka and soda range that everyone had in their hands. The Fine people of Takapuna wanted to fill a gap in the market for a healthier, zero-sugar alcohol alternative with light, fresh flavours in sophisticated packaging. Her guests sampled the four varietal blends of fruits, teas and botanicals while enjoying Regatta's canapes, oysters and grazing platters. All in all it was fine and fancy.

Issue 106 February 2020