• Yanita McLeay and Stacy Cottrill.
  • Ayla Sutees and Regal Drums.
  • Simone Anderson and Ruby Colle.
  • Andrew and Sarah Dorreen.
  • Dedan and Kelly Percy.
  • David Grr and Loic Quedec.

Federation's Spring Runway Dinner

Fashion and food collided - thankfully not literally - at Federation's new collection launch. The Takapuna-based clothing brand held a Spring Runway Dinner at Madam Woo, where their spring/summer collection was unveiled. Amazing fusion food off a custom-made menu for the event was enjoyed by the sell-out crowd as well as a preview of Federation's pieces for the season ahead. Another hit event for the iconic fashion brand that's loved on the Shore and way beyond.  

Issue 80 September 2017