• Phil Brosnan, Olivia McTaggart, Dr Grant Schofield, Sue Kohn-Taylor.
  • Winston Kidd, Elise and Shelley Power, Brent and Yvonne McCarty, Kurt Piper.
  • Amanda Watkins, Meredith McIlroy, Jennie Jago.
  • Frana Becker, Paula Morrison and Kathryn Robertson.
  • Lesley Monk, Louise Pollard, Linda Moore.
  • Kayla Greer, Blake Douglas, James Fuller.
  • Kelly Quinn, Bob Leveloff and Clyde Colson.
  • Sue Stanaway, Pat Houlihan, Trevor Stanaway, Jason Hussey.

Dr Grant Schofield speaks at Lexus of North Shore Charity Lunch

Dr Grant Schofield, author of 'What the Fat' and 'What the Fast', shared his knowledge and insights from his latest work on free
range kids, low carb and keto nutrition and the importance of sleep at the North Harbour Club’s Lexus of North Shore Charity Lunch held at the Spencer on Byron in Takapuna in mid-October. Without notes he gave a wonderful, witty and knowledgable presentation to the bumper crowd of close to 300 people. Attendees were heard to say he was one of the best speakers they had encountered at the regular North Harbour Club events. MC for the day was talented club trustee Sue Kohn-Taylor, who also interviewed AIMES Awards alumni and pole vaulter Olivia McTaggart. Attendees were welcomed by club president Phil Brosnan and there was a charity auction conducted by club trustee Shane Cortese of Harcourts Cooper & Co.