• Dylan, Taz and Kimberly Knight.
  • Nerissa, Ruve and Irna Smuts.
  • Jordan Cross, Kelly Davies, Jen Banks, Rachel Draper.
  • Josh Glackin, Libby, Grant and Susie Signal, Dave Main.
  • Faye and Santiago Welsh.
  • Wade, Wilder, Jagger and Bex Kimpton.
  • Cecile Diaz, Keith Mendoza, Christine Laurente.
  • Taylor, Connor and Hannah Cross.

Celebrating Winter Takapuna-style

The inaugural I Love Takapuna Winter Celebration was held on the night of Friday 4th August. With food stalls, fire performers, LED/Glo performers, live music, face-painting, glowsticks and bouncy castles it was all on for young and old as crowds flocked to the Killarney Street carpark next to the Bruce Mason Centre. Highlights were the fire performers and, for the under-10s, the entertainers who demonstrated all manner of skills with lit-up hula hoops, waveboards and juggling clubs. The many food stalls offered something for everyone.