• Justin Mitchell, Alan and Zoe Leeb-Du Toit, Rogan James.
  • Catherine Alexander, Kyra Holland, Kurt Piper, Winston Kidd.
  • Catherine Alexander, Laura Taylor and Heidi Barrett.
  • Shane and John Cortese.
  • Alan Pracy, Caroline Somerville and Penny Hay.
  • Judy Rogers, Steve Barrett and Glenn Rogers.
  • Vikki Edwards, Fern Christy and Sally Glass.
  • Meghan Lewis and Marinka Teague.
  • Olivia and Jo Bezett.

Gala Opening of Vauxhall School Exhibition of Fine Art

The sixth biennial Vauxhall School Exhibition of Fine Art (VEFA) opened with a gala auction on Friday 8 June. The event was sponsored by Justin Mitchell of Sotheby's International Realty and supported by the full Sotheby’s team, who hosted artists and invited guests to a preview of the art and an introduction to some of the key pieces on sale. With 150 artists exhibiting and more than 700 works on show, plus workshops and demonstrations all weekend, this was the biggest VEFA event ever, keeping volunteer parents and helpers busy from Friday evening to Sunday afternoon.