• Hatina Chitiyo, Sarah Money, Marla Boland, Tracey Bowyer, Lily Ferguson, Yvette Peddie.
  • Jo Te Kapaiwaho, Serena Godinovich, Sophie Long, Denise Bailey.
  • Cheese and canapes were catered by Montrose Cafe
  • Mark II play classic sounds in the courtyard.
  • Guests at the Captivate Interiors Opening evening
  • Guests in the Captivate Interiors store
  • Laura and Greg Burgoyne, Jolene Linton.
  • Nicci Palmer, Grant Linton, Wendy Stubbins.
  • Debbie Abercrombie, Bob Linton, Rea Jones.
  • Jolene Linton and Allison Mooney.

Captivate Interiors launch event in Mairangi Bay

It was a balmy, early autumn evening when Mairangi Bay's Captivate Interiors took over the Green Gables courtyard to welcome guests to their new store. The colours of the interior spilled out as many wore bright tones while sipping wine and enjoying a fine cheese board and delicious canapes supplied by Montrose Café in the village while music duo Mark II added to the sociable atmosphere. Locals themselves, Captivate couple Joelene and Grant Linton are proud to bring their interior design services to Mairangi Bay and look forward to getting to know more locals who are looking for some inspiration.

Issue 98 May 2019