• John Helmink, MP Erica Stanford and Jeff Sawell.
  • Verena Meintjes, Venny Prokopiev and Peter Steyn.
  • Reno Wijnstok, Ashton Geissler, Ian Campbell, Shaun Wijnstok and Richard Orsbourn.
  • Mark Green, Christopher Frische and Tim Smith.
  • Manu Withers, Mohammed Abedin and John Burley.
  • Sam Light, Ryan Frische, Tatiana Allegra and Cristina Capri.
  • Grant Rawlinson and Charles Atkins.

Business Builders Networking Breakfast with MP Erica Stanford

Business Builders North Shore is a business to business networking group established in 2011. Every second Tuesday the 30-strong group meets over breakfast at the Pupuke Golf Club to network, socialise and build their businesses together, while being informed and inspired by a variety of guest speakers. MP Erica Stanford joined as guest speaker at the Business Builder's meeting on Tuesday 14 June. Following a relaxed morning of networking and enjoying a delicious breakfast, Erica spoke for 45 minutes on the topic of the 'Current NZ State of Play', covering diverse political and social issues such as immigration, inflation, education, health, and gang crime. The talk was followed by energetic and enthusiastic questions and debate - a thoroughly informative and insightful morning. Business Builders North Shore is always keen to welcome new members. Visit www.businessbuildersnorthshore.co.nz for more information. 

Issue 132 July 2022