• Tony Dench, Terence Harpur, Aidan Bennett, Blake Douglas.
  • Andy Ruzich, Terence Harpur, Jeff Griffin.
  • Lawrence and Camille Sissons.
  • Akshay, Deepak and Amara Veerasamy.
  • Lance Roskilly, Jody Milham.
  • Karol Abrasowicz-Madej, Geoff Light, Wendy Jefferson.
  • Nick Cui, Justeel Shen, Gino Tjandra.
  • Louise Lusty, Neil Runciman.
  • Bridget Booker, Leanne Lovrich, Michael Selak.

Continental Cars BMW X5 unveiled at Regatta

Two covered BMW X5 parked inside Regatta Bar & Eatery - and how they got them inside - caused intrigue among guests at the launch night of new model. Mumm champagne flowed and fresh oysters were enjoyed - over 50 dozen oysters went within 45 minutes - before the unveiling of the diesel and petrol versions of the new BMW X5. Dealer Principal of Continental Cars BMW dealership in Takapuna, Geoff Light shared many of the vehicles impressive features, introducing an video presentation and highlighting, among other details, the car's unique crystal gear knob upgrade option. An ice sculpture, prize draw for an X5 for the weekend, and a host of incredible food offerings made for a quality night at the Takapuna beachfront bar and restaurant. 

Issue 94 December 2018