• Renee MacDonald, Kelly Coe, Sasha Evans.
  • Anna Walker, Bridget Gilberd, Pip Kistler
  • Brittany Smart, Kelly Coe, Pene Tsitsiras, Filipa Mundell
  • Filipa Mundell, Penny Tsitsiras.
  • Leonie Emery, Petra Rijnbeek.
  • Nathan and Kelly Coe.
  • Trixie Mueller, Nikki Davidson.
  • Lynette Silver, Therese Russel, Sue Anglefield.
  • Jaime McLeay, Mel Burkhart, Jo Creelman.
  • Marina Brill, Jenny Lister, Jessica Coombes, Lesley Perrin.
  • Katrina Kirkcaldie, Myka Kirkcaldie, Lissa Mitchell, Frances O'Duffy
  • Tania Allingham, Bronwyn Todd, Nicky Werder, Nina Simone
  • Shopping galore on opening night.
  • Cupcakes and shopping.
  • Jo Ropitini, Jennifer Dawe, Nicole Harrison

Augustine rolls out the pink carpet in Takapuna

A burst of bright colour and a pink carpet welcomed guests into the new Augustine store on its grand opening night. 

The Takapuna boutique was packed with fashion lovers of the popular brand who shopped to soulful live tunes in the stunningly fitted-out, spacious Hurstmere Road store. Owners Kelly and Nathan Coe treated their first customers to champagne, mini cupcakes and cocktail ice-blocks on opening night.

A huge crowd of locals and fashionistas who had travelled from across the North Island to make the Shore's fashion party of the year, left wowed by the warmest of welcomes, the fabulousness of the fabrics and the sheer fun of the night! 

Issue 89 July 2018