• Max Webb, John Fleming, Buck Shelford.
  • Ian Darby, Tanya and David Barker.
  • Tim Gurr and guest speaker Brad Butterworth.
  • Richard Trounson, Colin McCloy, Dave Hawkins Mike Anderson.
  • Mark Monkton, Sir Bryan Williams, David Pearce, Sam Lennox.
  • Trevor Williams, Dave McNeish, Norm Scott, Jonathan Raos.
  • Bev Dell'Isola, Nicola Gower-Jones, Jo and Paul Dennison.

Seagulls lunches at Devonport always good

On 20th November Wakatere Boating Club and North Shore Rugby Football Club combined for a fundraising Seagull's Lunch with guest speaker Americas Cup legend Brad Butterworth OBE. The event, held at the Rugby Club, was a sell-out, no doubt due to the speaker and the topic: who better, after all, as Americas Cup fever takes hold, to talk about the America’s Cup?