• 2022 AIMES Supreme winner Zoe White, North Harbour Club Patron Liz Blackwell and 2021 Supreme winner Grace Stratton.
  • Sonya Galbraith, Ela Hunt, Lucy Knight, Oscar Thomas.
  • MC Moses MacKay.
  • Darren, Pip, Zoe, Jackson and Venice White.
  • Kellie and Blake Douglas, Aidan and Michelle Bennett.
  • Lyle Irwin, Deborah Cachopa, Rosemary Kirby, Mal Hargreaves, Carl Cachopa, Lloyd Kirby.
  • Ken and Sue Noble, Katie Noble, Kevin Klein.
  • Alison Dymond, Jo-Anne Thomas, Nicolette Bodewes.
  • Kelly Quin, Bob Leveloff, Caroline Hickman, Fay Freeman.
  • Alicia Hoskin, Elliot Snedden, Toni and Craig Hoskin.
  • Murray Lockwood, Kelvin Sam, Ivana Botica, Shanti Jackson
  • Aidan Bennett, Michael Brake, Bob Jago.
  • Sonia Thursby, Janayah and Laura Wadsworth.
  • Trevor and Sue Stanaway, Mike Atkinson.
  • Greg Frittelli, Gary Monk, Phil Brosnan, Paul Bayer.
  • Courtney O’Reilly, Ron Leeds, Caitlin O’Reilly, Mike O’Reilly, Shirley Richards.
  • Andrew, Bronwyn, Paul, Melissa and Sonya Cowen, Patrice Baird.

AIMES Awards May Celebrations

We love the annual AIMES Awards and don’t need too many excuses to get along to the wonderful events hosted by the North Harbour Club to reward youth achieving excellence in the fields of the Arts, Innovation, Music, Education, Sport; and Service to the Community. Like many things recently, the 2021 Awards were meant to be held late last year. Instead, they were postponed until May 2022. Two wonderful events were held during May. Over 300 people attended the annual AIMES Awards Gala Dinner at Takapuna’s Bruce Mason Centre on Friday May 6th and around 150 people then attended the AIMES Emerging Talent and AIMES Scholarship Awards Cocktail Evening held at the Spencer Hotel in Takapuna on Thursday May 12th. Twenty-four young people received award grants from the North Harbour Club in these awards. These photos are from these two North Harbour Club AIMES functions.