• Harry & Noeleen Cranefield with Don Galbraith
  • Rob Gunston, Arlette Farland and Blake Douglas.
  • Raewyn Taylor, Rob Mackley and Caroline Hughan.
  • Raewyn Taylor, Bronwen Newcombe, Matt Oxnam and Tasha Turrall.
  • Courtney Manning, Bianca Van Graan, Callum Phillips and Simon Andrews.
  • Darryl and Angela Spooner, Trish Blackmore and Amy Everett.
  • Blake Douglas, Rhys Lloyd and Steven Pearson.
  • Derek Armstrong, Paul Bayer and Dave Beryman.
  • Peter Smales, Colin Harvey, Kevin McLean, Ann and David Old, Ken Noble.

A Knightly Occasion

The first North Shore Lexus Charity Lunch of 2021 was held at North Harbour Stadium on 14th May, with the enticing title of Lunching with the Knights at the Round Table. Sure enough, guests were treated to a round table panel discussion, hosted by Rawdon Christie, featuring four illustrious knights: Sir Peter Leitch, Sir Graham Henry, Sir Ralph Norris, and Sir John Key. Before and after the three-course lunch and discussion – laced with lots of bantering from aforesaid knights – the sold out event offered opportunities for networking, aided no doubt by the bar opening so that guests could ease gently into Friday afternoon after the lunch finished.