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We’re looking good!

Welcome to our March 2022 issue of Channel Mag. 124 pages of wonderful things still happening on the Shore during these challenging times.

Our cover for this issue features The Juliet apartments that are being built in Shakespeare Road. It’s no secret that the intensity of the way we live is changing. We love it when we see premium apartments like The Juliet being built to a very high standard. These type of high quality developments really do enhance our community. I trust you enjoy our feature on The Juliet.
We have some great people features in this issue Heather (Barker Vermeer) has done an interesting interview with Northcote Point resident and pioneering musician Natalia Sheppard – stage name MC Tali. Christine (Young) has done two interesting pieces for March. A chat with James Bell, manager of the wonderful Pumphouse Theatre on the shore of Lake Pupuke, and she also catches up with the Shore’s B52s. Not a musical group but a group of ocean swimmers who brave the waters of Narrowneck beach year-round three times a week.
A focus in this issue is on Health, Fitness and Beauty. In putting together the content for this feature it became very obvious why we’re such a fit, healthy and good looking bunch on the North Shore! So many good options right on our doorstep to help keep ourselves looking fantastic!
I want to say a big thanks to our team that puts this magazine together monthly. For obvious reasons things are not so easy at the moment. Despite this we keep turning out great magazines and this one is another of them – well done team.
APOLOGY: Over the 128 issues we have published Channel Mag over 12 years I can only remember our award-winning columnist Simon Gundry not supplying his highly read ‘Gundry’s Grumbles’ column once or twice. Sadly this issue is another one of those. I chased him a few times but the only content I ended up with was a lovely photo that I reckon was taken from the Russell wharf. Or maybe from The Duke balcony? Hopefully the big fella will be back in April with a new contract negotiated for the next 128-issue stretch.
Have a great March. Enjoy your monthly Channel.

Aidan Bennett, QSM
Publisher, Channel Magazine
Founder & MD, Benefitz
Email: aidan@benefitz.co.nz