• Christine Young, Heather Barker Vermeer, Aidan Bennett, Crystal Sharp and Nikki Davidson.

So bring on summer!

And that’s it. 2018 - done. It’s been a crazy old year out there in the world, that’s for sure. But here at Channel, we leave the year behind in a bright place. (And we’re already a bit giddy about 2019.) 

We’ve had one of best years yet here at Channel, with the magazine growing from 25,000 to over 36,000 monthly copies, extending up as far as Long Bay. The magazine continues to fly in the face of print media trends, proving month after month to be a successful formula for local shopkeepers to promote local shopping, for local experts to share their knowledge, and for us local people to tell other local people’s stories, celebrating life together on the Shore. 

Here are some notes taken from our team’s 2018 Channel highlights reel… 

“Since joining the Channel team in May, I have quickly realised it’s all about the people. A highlight for me was the Benefitz 30 year celebration in June, when I immediately felt part of a family. I have loved liaising with my own wonderful clients and interviewees, many of whom have become friends! I really admire the way they share community spirit.” - Nikki 

"I always love hearing people’s positive feedback about the design of the magazine, whether it’s a member of the public’s comments about the latest cover, or an advertiser who loves how their content has turned out. Design is my passion, so it brings a smile to my face to hear those comments, and know I’ve contributed something towards this wonderful community magazine.” - Crystal 

“The opportunity to tell the stories of the people and their successes that give the North Shore its particular personality; and trying each month to recreate in words the essence of what it is that makes the North Shore special and such a great place to live and work.” - Christine 

I’m grateful for the brilliant bunch of people we liaise with to put this magazine out each month. So many ‘good sorts’ who make work enjoyable and rewarding; from the business owners to the school staff, the community co-ordinators to the councillors. It’s a pleasure to be in contact with so many people contributing to our community and making this the amazing place to live that it is. 

Enjoy your summer on the Shore. 

- Heather